Presezzi Extrusion Group

The PRESEZZI EXTRUSION GROUP, that is the union of Presezzi Extrusion s.p.a, Coim s.r.l, Profile Automation s.r.l and Reiter&Crippa s.r.l, enables us to offer our customers high-level products thanks to the technical specialization that every company of the group develops with passion and expertise.

Our Objectives:

  • PRESEZZI EXTRUSION manufactures an entire range of systems for aluminium, copper, brass and steel extrusion including traditional, front loading, back loading, direct, indirect presses and presses with piercer. All the machines are equipped with the most advanced energy saving systems.

  • COIM is leader in the design and construction of furnaces and machines for the heating of aluminium, copper and brass billets. We’re the most recognized in the industry for the highest quality of our products, made in accordance with customers specifications.
  • PROFILE AUTOMATION designs and manufactures packaging for extruded profiles, machines related to the handling of aluminium extruded profiles and automated warehouses for many sectors. Our high-quality products are of high quality and they fully satisfy our customers’ requirements.

  • REITER & CRIPPA designs and supplies all the equipment for melting, heat treatment and scrap decoating. All the products are engineered with the most advanced technological solutions to reach the best performances in terms of energy saving and foundry metal loss.